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PVC Tennis Court Flooring – Crystal Sand Embossed

Guardwe PVC Tennis floor is non-hard flooring, and adopting sprung vinyl materials, which provides shock absorption, helps fight fatigue, delivers consistent ball bounce, and protects against injury.


  • Applicable indoor stadium / tennis court
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Special GW technology gave better ball rebound and speed
  • Multi layer structure provide better shock absorption


  • Roll Length : 23.77m/ Customized
  • Roll Width: 1.8m
  • Thickness: 4.5/6.0mm
  • Color: Dark Blue, Dark Green
Flooring Structure

1. Top Layer: 1.2mm wear resistant layer handles scratches. heavy traffics and loads.Offering good curface friction. easy maintenance without stripping

2. Stable Layer: High density Polyester Mesh and Glass Fabric build-in inforcement layer makes the court fight for longer period, gives superior dimensional stability

3. PVC Foams provides optimal shock absorption while getting back to its original chape Back Soal

4. Back Seal: High density goometric textured bottom holds tightly to the ground and decrease additional shocks to knee.ankle

Roll Length 23.77m/ Customized
Roll Width 1.8m
Thickness  4.5/5.0mm
Color  Dark Blue, Dark Green

Tennis Flooring Project

PVC flooring is a popular choice for indoor tennis courts to its flexibility and durability.

Tennis Flooring Project

Guardwe tennis flooring is able to absorb shock and prevent injuries, while also providing good foot feeling for players

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