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PVC Table Tennis Flooring – Canvas embossed

Canvas embossed is engineered with a special surface treatment of G-W technology, behaves in good resist impact, anti-slip, and shock absorption, which can effectively protect the security of the players.

Technical is totally comply with International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) standards.


  • Superior resistance to indentation heavy traffic and abrasion
  • Excellent vibration Absorption performance
  • Excellent durability and stable size
  • Structure design made for perfect footing


  • Roll Length: 14m/ Customized
  • Roll Width:1. 8m
  • Thickness: 4.5/5.0mm
  • Color: Red, Blue, Purple, Black

GUARDWE PVC Table Tennis Flooring specifications

Thickness Surface Wear Layer Stable Layer Color Warranty(Y)
    4.5mm Canvas
 1.0mm Fiber Glass+Grid mesh Red, Blue, Purple, Black 3-6+
5.0mm 1.2mm Fiber Glass+Coarse grid mesh Red, Blue, Purple, Black 8-10+

PVC Table Tennis Flooring Structure

1. Wear resistant iayer: Weaving embossed. pure pve material. 1.2mm

2. Structural Stability: Fiber Glnss added inside to keep the flooring non shrinkage

3. Coarse grid mesh to increased stability and no deformation

4. Pure PVC material with oxcollent Resilience

5. Backside: Textured bottom holds tightly to the ground, no slip to any direction

Table Tennis Flooring Standard

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has established specific standards for approved flooring options for table tennis. According to these standards:

The playing surface must not have protruding objects exceeding 0.1mm in height.

When a ball is dropped from a height of 30cm, it should rebound between 23cm and 33cm.

No double bounces should occur when the ball is dropped from a height of 30cm.

The flooring should reflect light to some extent but without causing glare or dazzle for players.

The ball, when rolled on the playing surface, must travel with consistent speed and bounce.

Article 4.1.3 specifies that the surface must be non-slip when dry, preventing players from slipping during the game.

For competitive play, the only acceptable flooring is ITTF vinyl for table tennis. This ensures consistency in performance across different courts with the same flooring.

In the context of indoor table tennis flooring, an excellent choice is vinyl due to its durability, resistance to wear and tear, and suitability for high-traffic areas. Vinyl is also waterproof, making it ideal for regions with frequent rain. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain. Among vinyl types, sheet vinyl is commonly preferred by table tennis players for its flexibility, allowing freedom of movement during the game.

Recent Table Tennis Flooring Project

Our table tennis flooring is adopted 100% pure PVC material, make the court have super stable elasticity.

Recent Table Tennis Flooring Project

Canvas embossed flooring is professionally for table tennis, provides good foot feelings, as well as avoid athlete knee injury.

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