• Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls

Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls

Rubber Flooring Rolls is the most favored style of rubber gym flooring, along with being tough, its soft and cushiony surface provides a comfortable environment for floor exercises or for kids to play.

Recommended for commercial and residential indoor use.


Material Recycled rubber granules and EPDM color Fleck
Size L (Customized)* W (1000mm / 1250mm)
Thickness: 3-10mm
Color: Red, green, blue, yellow, grey, black. Any color can be customized


  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Scratch, dent, and gouge and slip resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Virtually seamless appearance

Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls

Rubber gym flooring rolls are an optimal choice for any fitness facility, offering versatility through options such as rolls, interlocking tiles, and tiles.

Typically recommended for permanent adhesive applications, rubber gym flooring rolls can also be loosely laid beneath equipment for temporary use. Utilizing rolled rubber over interlocking tiles presents advantages of lower cost and fewer seams, making it an ideal choice for larger spaces.

One of the most popular types of gym flooring, rubber rolls are favored for their ease of installation and long-term durability under daily use. Whether in a commercial gym or a home fitness space, rubber gym flooring rolls excel in both appearance and performance. They are waterproof, slip-resistant, capable of absorbing impact, and effective in reducing noise.

Ideal for a variety of applications, rubber gym flooring rolls are well-suited for:

Commercial gyms
Home gyms
Ski lodges
Dog daycare and pet kennels
Garage gyms
Military bases
Ice rinks
High school/college weight rooms

The versatility and durability of rubber gym flooring rolls make them a practical and reliable choice for diverse fitness and recreational spaces, providing a resilient and safe surface for various activities.

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