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Our sports flooring offers an authentic experience and a safe surface to play or train on. Choose from a wide range of flooring solutions for sports areas, dance studios, gym rooms, kids’ play areas, and homes. No matter if you’re designing a basketball court or a ballet academy, we’re the flooring supplier to trust.


Guardwe sports flooring expertise guarantees performance comfort, safety and durability. Guardwe offers different floors for professional and competitive sports, casual recreation and multipurpose areas. Guardwe floors meet and exceed the stringent performance standards mandated by EN14904 and CE certificate.

1.Clean the ground, make sure your ground is clean, dry and flat.

2.Position the rolls on the ground.

3.Lay down the tape under the rolls

4.Adjust the slotting devices,and make a slot between the gap of two rolls.

5.Turn on the welding gun and insert the wire, then running along the slot.

6.Removed the excess wire and the court completed.

Lines Painting

Game lines on PVC flooring is a crucial aspect that enhances the functionality and aesthetics of the playing surface. Let’s see how we paint the lines on PVC flooring:


Masking tape, Measuring tape or ruler, Painting material , Paint roller or brush


    1. Clean the Floor, ensure the PVC sports flooring is free from dust, dirt.
    2. Measure and mark the positions of the lines accurately.
    3. Apply Masking Tape, outline the areas where you’ll be painting the lines.
    4. Mix the paint and apply it within the masked area, be sure to apply an even coat
    5. Peel Off Masking Tapebefore the paint fully dries
    6. Allow the painted lines to dry completely before any activity.

Flooring Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your PVC floor will extend the life, color and shine of your floor by many years. PVC flooring is commonly used in sports facilities due to its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Here’s a guide on how to clean and maintain your floor:


1.Dirt or dust Cleaning:

Use a damp mop to clean the dirt or dust on your mat. Avoid using abrasive or harsh chemicals as they can damage the surface. Ensure the mop is well wrung out to prevent excessive moisture from seeping into the seams.

2.Spot Cleaning:

Quickly clean up spills and stains to prevent them from becoming permanent. Use a soft cloth or mop with mild detergent and water to clean the affected area.

3.Tougher Stains Cleaning:

You can use a soft-bristle scrub brush or a rotary floor scrubber with a soft brush attachment to clean the tougher stains. Of        course, use a PH-neutral cleaner. Be gentle to avoid damaging the floor surface. Then, rinse the pvc mat thoroughly with              clean water to remove any residue from the cleaner. Finally, using clean and dry mops or towels to dry the pvc mat as much       as possible. Adequate drying is important to prevent slip hazards.


  • Do not use abrasive brushes, harsh chemicals, or steam cleaners, as they can damage the PVC surface.
  • Do not step on the floor with high heelsor black rubber shoes, Ensure users to wear appropriate footwear suitable for the sport, to prevent unnecessary abrasives on the flooring.
  • Do not put and press sharp objectson the floor.

Quality Control

To provide a high-quality and reliable sports surface, Guardwe sports has strict and meticulous quality inspection process, from raw material selection to the final delivery.

Raw Material Inspection:

Choose high quality raw material, ensure they meet the specified quality and safety standards.

That is essential for the PVC flooring’s overall performance.

Manufacturing Standards:

Precise mixing of raw materials and advanced techniques, which produced superior PVC Flooring.

Physical Inspections:

Skilled personnel conduct inspections of PVC flooring as it’s being manufactured, check the color consistency, surface, thickness and other visual attributes.

Delivery Inspections:

For each order, we will personally supervise from lines drawing, packaging, to delivery, ensuring that customers receive the PVC Flooring accurately and quickly and no after-sales problem.

Transport and Storage


  • For 2m pvc rolls, make upright storage
  • For 2m pvc rolls, make horizontal storage


  • Store your pvc rolls with a upright way
  • Do not put your pvc rolls in the wet area
  • Do not expose your floor to the rain or sun

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