Making Your Court A Masterpiece

Our pp(Polypropylene) interlocking tile offers an authentic experience and a safe surface to play or train on. Choose from a wide range of court tiles solutions for sports areas,  outside basketball,Baseket 3×3,backyard,pickleball,indoor futsal and home court. No matter if you’re designing a basketball court or a leisure playing area, we’re the polypropylene floor tiles supplier to trust.

Why choose us as your professional manufacturer of Polypropylene Floor Tiles?

•40+ injection machine: all assembly lines can be operated mechanically and automatically.
•400+ sets tile mould: available for mold design, drawing, processing, production, mold test, etc.
•20,000 square meters storage warehouse: Fast delivery.

How Is Our Polypropylene Floor Tiles Produce ?

Guardwe Polypropylene Floor Tiles starts as plastic resin, this resin mixed with colorant and other additives, is the result of many years of research and development to ensure optimal performance, the proprietary blend is then fed into our state- of -the -art molding machines where the liquefied resin is forced into a cavity, curved and removed. Once complete, the tiles is shuttled from the machine to it’s first quality control check- where technicians inspect for flatness, colors consistency, and other attributes. From here the polypropylene floor tiles is put into inventory to satisfy future orders.

We Can Offer Lines-Making Before Delivery

When a new court is designed and entered into the system, our assembly team get a detailed drawing for the court, showing all tiles , game line options, and any custom logos, Game line are painted by our in-house artists

When the final quality checking is compete, your court is dis-assembly into 4×4 sheets, and given a number that aligns with the number list on your assembly instructions. These instructions are safely packed with your entire court and shipped for easy assembly by you or your. Court dealers.

Build your dream, residential or commercial court by contact with us by export@guardwe.com

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