• Leisure Flooring

PVC Leisure Flooring

Recommended for recreation activities, suitable for schools, community centres, dancing and aerobics, youth club activities.


  • Safe cushioned surface, comfortable&quiet underfoot and easy to clean.
  • Adopting environmentally friendly materials, low VOC, no solvent, no heavy metal and 100% recyclable.


Roll Length: 15m/Customized

Roll Width: 1.8m

Thickness: 3.5/4.0mm

Color: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Grass Green, Pink, Grey, Orange, Dark Green

Leisure flooring

Discover the epitome of high-performance rubber leisure flooring, meticulously crafted for unparalleled noise reduction. Our shock-absorbing, resilient, and modern flooring seamlessly combines sleek aesthetics with durability, vibrancy, and an artistic touch inspired by dance.

Whether it’s a gym, dance studio, or any space susceptible to shock, vibration, and impact noise, our rubber leisure flooring is the transformative solution you’ve been seeking.

Tailored for gyms and dance schools, our soundproof mats are engineered to halt the transmission of soundwaves. Be it the rhythmic beats of aerobic classes, the hum of fitness equipment, or the melody of music, our flooring ensures a harmonious environment.

The essence of leisure flooring lies in its ability to curtail unwanted sound propagation within the premises, guaranteeing minimal disruption to neighboring classes or spaces. If mitigating impact noise is your priority, our top-tier leisure flooring stands as the unequivocal choice.

Immerse yourself in a space where vibrations from heavy impacts, the thud of resistance machines and treadmills, and the resonance of energetic music in aerobic classes are elegantly cushioned by our premium leisure flooring. Elevate your environment with the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Flooring Structure

Top Layer

Surface treated by UV. easy to clean and maintonance A 1.0mm pure pvc rosistant layer, provide excellent resistant and anti-slip performance
Stable Layer
High density Polyester Mesh and Glass Fabric build-in inforcement layer makes the court fight for longer period, givos suporior dimoncional stabitity
PVC Foams provides optimal shock absorption while getting bnck to itsoriginal shape
Back Seal
High density geometric textured bottom holds tightly to the ground and decrease additional shocks to knee, ankle

PVC leisure floor for dance studio

PVC leisure floor for dance studio

Flat Leisure has a safe cushioned surface, is comfortable and quiet underfoot and is easy to clean.The perfect leisure flooring. Adopting environmentally friendly materials, low VOC, no solvent, no heavy metal and 100% recyclable.

Leisure flooring for nurseries, schools

Leisure flooring for nurseries, schools

Flat Leisure flooring is specially designed to provide a safe and comfortable surface for leisure environments, such as playrooms, nurseries, schools, and healthcare facilities. Its cushioned surface offers excellent impact resistance and helps absorb shocks, making it a great choice for activities that involve a lot of movement and play.

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