• Homogeneous Flooring

Homogeneous PVC Flooring for Hospital

With a new coating system, the product is fully protected. The material does not contain DOP, heavy metals, and TVOC emissions are extremely low.


  • UVCAR surface treatment. Improve stain and scratch resistance, easy maintenace
  • Dense wear resistant layer, 100% recyclable. Excellent static and dynamic load resistance and residual sag performance.
  • Reinforced polyester cloth stabilizing layer. Size is stable and not easy to deform.
  • Dense backlayer,100% recyclable. Excellent pressure resistance, can resist static and dynamicrollingwheel load.


Roll Length: 20m

Roll Width: 2m

Thickness: 2.0mm

1. Top Layer
1.2mm wear resistant layer handles scratches. heavy traffics and loads.Offering good curface friction. easy maintenance without stripping
2. Stable Layer
High density Polyester Mesh and Glass Fabric build-in inforcement layer makes the court fight for longer period, gives superior dimensional stability
3. PVC Foams provides optimal shock absorption while getting back to its original chape Back Soal
4. Back Seal
High density goometric textured bottom holds tightly to the ground and decrease additional shocks to knee.ankle

Homogeneous Flooring color

Explore the perfect flooring solution for high-traffic environments with Guardwe Homogeneous PVC Flooring. Designed with a single-layer structure, these floors offer a resilient and exceptionally durable solution ideal for busy and bustling areas. Highly recommended for applications in the healthcare and education sectors, Guardwe Homogeneous PVC Flooring stands out for its wear resistance and ease of cleaning.

Our homogeneous vinyl flooring is composed of a dense vinyl layer adhered to the subfloor and welded, ensuring optimal durability and hygiene. The acoustic version features a special foam underlayer that reduces sound transmission and absorbs impact.

Description Standard Unit Result
Type of flooring EN 649 Homogeneous sheet
Total thickness EN 428 mm 2
Weight EN 430 g/m2 2900
Width EN 426 m 2
Length of sheet EN 426 m 20
Fire rating GB 8624-2012 GB 8624B1(Bfi-s1)
Toxic testing                     • GB 18586-2001 Good
Electrical resistance EN 1081 >109-10
Slip resistance dry EN 13893 >0.3
* EN51 130 R9
Slip resisrance wet
Abrasion group EN 660-2 T
Castor wheel test EN 425 Suitable
Color fastness EN 20 105-B02 6
Chemical products resistance EN 423 Good
Dimensional stability EN 434 % <0.40
Flexibility EN 435 Excellent
Hygiene treatment MRSA Very good
Impact sound reduction ENISO 717/2 APPROX.+4dB
Indentation EN 433 mm 0.05
Residual indentation EN 433 mm Approx.0.04
Surface treatment <0.40

Guardwe‘s Homogeneous Flooring is specifically engineered for high performance in healthcare, education, and public spaces. Its robust thickness makes it well-suited for frequent use. Enjoy low-maintenance, long-lasting flooring that is resistant to stains, scratches, and wear. Our advanced surface treatment further ensures outstanding waterproofing and chemical resistance.

Homogeneous PVC Flooring
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Homogeneous PVC Flooring is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It can stand up to heavy foot and equipment traffic, making it a great choice for busy hospital corridors, patient rooms, and operating theaters.

Homogeneous PVC Flooring
Recent Project

Homogeneous PVC Flooring is a single, consistent layer of material throughout, it is easy to clean and maintain high standards of hygiene. Unlike other flooring types that may have seams or grout lines that can harbor bacteria, homogeneous flooring can be easily cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of infections.

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