• PP Interlocking Tiles- Garage Tile

Polypropylene Garage Floor Tiles

Material: Polypropylene

Tile Size: 40cm*40cm*1.8cm

Weight: 510g


Color Available: Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Red,Yellow,Etc.

Application:• Garage• Showroom •Patio • Mancave • Workshop• Factory

Guardwe Polypropylene Garage Floor Tiles

Guardwe polypropylene garage floor tiles are an excellent investment for anyone who wants to transform their garage  into a more functional and attractive space. They offer durability, ease of installation, and low maintenance,  which make them an excellent choice for any garage flooring project.


1.Simple “snap together” installation, no tools or glue required

2.5 tonne distribution capacity

 3. Strong structure design

 4. Easy to install & Clean

About Guardwe

Top court tiles supplier in China, as a professional manufacture, till now we own:
• 40+ injection machine: all assembly lines can be operated mechanically and automatically.

• 400+ sets tile mould: available for mold design, drawing, processing, production, mold test, etc.

• 20,000 square meters storage warehouse: Fast delivery.

• 4 twin screw extruders machine:daily output of 30 tons of color masterbatch

• Self-granulation:high color fastness, strong weather resistance, and quality stability

• CE Certified

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