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Blue Wood Embossed

Blue Wood pvc flooring is specially designed for indoor futsal and muti sports. The product surface treated as a realistic wood surface appearance, perfect for competitions, training and muti purposed arenas.


  • High density wear resistant layer reduce the risk of friction burns
  • Surface embossing guarantees lower slip coefficients
  • Fiber glass and density mesh layer ensure dimensional stability and long- lasting use
  • Dual foam offers a medium- and high-intensity impact


Roll Length: 20m/Customized

Roll Width: 1.8m

Thickness: 4.5/6.0/7.0/8.0mm

Color: Blue for playing area, red for surrounding

Flooring Structure

High Molecular Polymer

0.5mm UV treated transparent layer handles scratches, heavy traffics and loade.it will shine for decade with minimum of efforts of maintenance . Offaring Exceptlonal abrasion renistance plus Pro-sport traction.
Structural Stability
A 1mm high density Polyoster Mesh and Olass Fabric bulld-in inforcement layer makes the court fight for longer period, against vast shock and horizontal traction.
Double dengity PVC foams provides optimal shock absorption whlle getting back to its originnl shape.
Back Seal
High density geometric texturod bottom holds tightly to tho ground and decrease additional chocks to kneo, ankio.

Thickness Surface Wear Layer Stable Layer Color Warranty(Y)
4.5mm Wood Embossed 1.2mm Fiber Glass+Grid mesh Blue 3
6.0mm 1.4mm Fiber Glass+Coarse grid mesh Blue 6
7.0mm 1.5mm Fiber Glass+Densified mesh Blue 8
8.0mm 1.6mm Fiber Glass+Densified mesh Blue 10

Recent Project

In futsal, speed and ball control are key features. With its smooth, even surface,  Blue wood provides optimal ball control and playing comfort that lasts throughout the match. Its multi layer structure offers shock absorption and energy return values that are just right for supporting players’feet during quick changes of direction.

Recent Project

Blue wood ensures that it can withstand heavy foot traffic and frequent gameplay without showing signs of wear and tear. It’s an excellent choice for futsal facilities looking to provide players with a safe and comfortable playing surface that allows them to perform their best.

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