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Guardwe are a Badminton Court Flooring Manufacturer, offering a one-stop solution for badminton courts. Please browse our Badminton Court Mat collection. We sell high-quality PVC Badminton Court Mats suitable for various settings, including badminton competition venues, badminton professional courts, and badminton Court training facilities. Explore our range with mats available in different thicknesses and performance levels.

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Guardwe Badminton Court Mat

The badminton court mat is designed for use in high-capacity badminton venues, specifically tailored for permanent indoor seam installation. It comes equipped with white lines that adhere to official badminton court specifications. The mat can be installed on any flat, dry surface. If installed on top of a concrete floor, there is no need for additional commercial-grade padding, though it is often used for extra cushioning.

Guardwe Badminton Court Mat Features

World Badminton Federation (BWF) certified.
Specialized badminton court pattern.
The stability layer incorporates bidirectional polyester mesh, ensuring product elasticity and longevity.
The flooring is treated with wear-resistant PVC, preventing scratches and abrasions.
Easy to maintain, and the surface is easily cleaned.
Flame-retardant treatment for effective fire prevention.
Simple installation, easy to set up.
Various thicknesses and styles available to meet the requirements of different venues.

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