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    Crystal sand embossed is professionally
    designed for badminton court mat.

Badminton Courts Mat

Crystal Sand Embossed

Badminton court mat (Crystal sand embossed) is professionally designed for badminton court mat. Available in Grass green (BWF suggested color) and Blue (popular for training venues).


* Adopted 100% pure pvc material make super stable elasticity

* Super wear resistance and anti-slip performance

* Excellent shock absorption and good foot feelings

* Compliance with standard of EN14904.


Roll Length: 15m/Customized

Roll Width: 1.8m

Thickness: 4.5/5.0/6.0/7.0/8.0mm

Color available: Green/Blue

A standard Court Size: 15m*1.8m*4rolls

Our flagship product is personalized customization of sports flooring, which is our expertise. From the color and specifications of the flooring to the unique design of patterned non-slip layers, we ensure that your sports facility stands out among competitors, showcasing a fusion of professionalism and luxury.

While prioritizing sports safety, our unique designs are aimed at enhancing customer experience, immediately boosting satisfaction and enhancing loyalty to the sports facility.

Badminton court mats are suitable for high-capacity badminton courts and other venues, designed for indoor permanent seam installation. Equipped with white lines that meet official badminton court specifications. They can be installed on any flat, dry surface. If installed on top of concrete floors, no additional commercial-grade underlayment is required, but is typically used for extra cushioning.

Badminton Court Mat Parameters

Thickness Surface Wear Layer Stable Layer Color Warranty(Y)
4.5mm Crystal sand Embossed 1.0mm Fiber Glass+ Coarse grid mesh Green/Blue 5-8+
5.0mm 1.2mm Fiber Glass+ Coarse grid mesh Green/Blue 8-10+
6.0mm 1.2mm Fiber Glass+Densified mesh Green 8-10+
7.0mm 1.5mm Fiber Glass+Densified mesh Green 10-15+
8.0mm 1.5mm Fiber Glass+Densified mesh Green 10-15+

Badminton Court Mat Structure

Top Layer
1.2mm wear resistant layer handles scratches. heavy traffics and loads.Offering good curface friction. easy maintenance without ctripping
Stable Layer
High density Polyester Mesh and Glass Fabric build-in inforcement layer makes the court fight for longer period, gives superior dimensional

PVC Foams provides optimal shock absorption while getting back to its original chape Back Soal
Back Seal
High density goometric textured bottom holds tightly to the ground and decrease additional shocks to knee.ankle

GUARDWE Badminton Court Solution

Badminton court mats are your badminton court solution.

If you manage badminton courts and are looking for badminton court mats, you likely represent a club or organization in need of professional badminton flooring. Whether you need to replace aging badminton court mats or build new courts, GUARDWE can provide durable and reliable choices that meet the standards of the Badminton World Federation.

All our badminton court mats are made with a multi-layer reinforced structure, featuring elasticity, waterproofing, and mold resistance. They cover the standard badminton court dimensions of 44 feet in length and 20 feet in width, so ensure your playing space is larger than 44 feet x 20 feet, with a ceiling clearance of at least 30 feet high for clear shots.

You’ll find our badminton court mats manufactured in four-piece configurations to minimize seams. These mats can be permanently fixed, making installation quick and easy. Our badminton court mats come with all the lines for singles and doubles matches, including baselines, centerlines, sidelines, and service lines.

Whether you need to quickly set up a badminton club for local recreational matches or require upgraded options for competitive matches and professional training, we offer a full range of badminton court mats to fit every budget. Whatever you choose, rest assured that these courts are designed with quality materials for durability.

You can also combine our badminton court mats with portable column solutions to provide your players with a professional look and overall match experience.

Whether you need weighted outdoor badminton posts or indoor badminton posts, there are multiple options available designed to connect multiple courts with limited space.

Finally, add a badminton referee chair to your court. Referees can sit on sturdy and comfortable seats at a height of 1.5 meters to officiate matches. Unsure about which badminton court mats or badminton flooring options or badminton post systems to choose?

PVC flooring for badminton court

  • BWF approval
  • Customized logo available
  • Global Set-up technician service
  • Sales Volume: 1000+ Courts/Year
  • Exported 70+ countries…..Malaysia, Thailand, England, USA etc.

Rubber sports flooring for badminton courts

Guardwe Sand embossed is the most durable indoor badminton surface and is EN14909 compliant for the safety and protection for all players of all skill level–2022 World Championships has played on our court. Meanwhile Subflor, Net post, Nets and Umpire chair can be offered.

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