Badminton Court Mat

Made from pure PVC, optimal surface friction and shock absorption
superior dimensional stability, game lines ready for instant use.

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Basketball Court

Provides a high degree of shock absorption, superior
traction, ball rebounds and giving your players the
feel of hardwood & comfort without the hassle.

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PP Interlocking Tiles

Outdoor multi-sport applications, optimize shock absorption
reduced risk of impact injury with a grid system on top for quick drainage,
high traction, and good ball rebound.

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Basketball Court 3X3

Outdoor multi-sport applications, optimize shock absorption
reduced risk of impact injury with a grid system on top for quick drainage,
high traction, and good ball rebound.

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Tennis Flooring

Choose from a wide range of
sports equipment solutions for sports areas.
No matter if you’re designing a basketball court or
a ballet academy, we’re the equipment supplier to trust.

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Rubber Flooring

Specially design for gym center,recreational and sports venue use,
but also a solution that provides clients an all-round and customization flooring.

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Sports Flooring Solutions Provider

Welcome to Guardwe, your premier manufacturer and supplier of sports flooring solutions tailored specifically for sports stadiums. Whether you need a basketball court, backyard court, badminton court, pickleball court, or volleyball court, indoor or outdoor, Guardwe has the perfect flooring solution for you. Our products are certified by esteemed organizations such as BWF, FIBA, and ITTF, ensuring compliance with CE and EN standards for quality and safety.

We take pride in partnering with top sports flooring brands to deliver high-quality products, competitive pricing, and professional services that have earned the satisfaction of countless customers. Our mission is to spread the joy of sports worldwide, and we’re excited to assist you in creating the optimal sports environment.

Sports Court

High-Quality, Hard-Wearing, and Environmental Flooring
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Sports Equipment

Essential Accessories for Every Game
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Recent Projects

Providing specialized sports flooring solutions for designers, installers and facility contractors, product covers with basketball court, badminton courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, table tennis, kids playground, gym areas, multi-courts, garage area etc. Certified with FIBA, BWF , CE and comply with EN14904 standard.

About Guardwe

Guardwe offers a comprehensive solution for sports venues, providing a wide variety of sports field flooring options. Our range caters to diverse needs, from schools and playgrounds to colleges and stadiums. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, Guardwe offers a wide range of PVC sports flooring options designed to enhance performance, safety, and durability. Whether you need flooring for basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, or any other indoor sports facility, Guardwe has you covered.
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GUARDWE Products

Our products are made for amateur and pro players, with solutions for every budget and environmental challenge. Find sports flooring, pp interlock flooring, rubber flooring, garage flooring, as well as nets, hoops, goalposts, and more in our vast selection of sports equipment. We provides a variety of sports flooring, including PVC sports flooring, PP Interlocking Tiles, Rubber flooring, commercial flooring, as well as sports equipment. Whether your sport is basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, pickleball, badminton, or tennis – we’ve got the gear, so let the games begin!

Basketball 3*3

FIBA3*3 Court

Basketball Flooring

Badminton Flooring

Futsal Flooring

Pickleball Flooring

Indoor Basketball Flooring

Streetball Court

Basktball Court

Modular Flooring

Outdoor Basketball Court

 PP Interlock Flooring

Backyard Court

Pp Interlocking Tiles

Pickleball Court

Home Court

Volleyball Flooring

Garage Tiles 

Tennis Court Tiles

Rubber Flooring

Badminton Court Mat

Volleyball/Handball Flooring

Futsal Pich

Tennis Venue

Table Tennis Flooring

Gym Room

Kids Playing Ground

Dance Room

Hospital Flooring

Tennis Flooring

Functional Flooring

Badminton Net Post

Guardwe Current News

Guardwe is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of indoor sports flooring, specializing in PVC sports flooring solutions. Based in China, we provide high-quality PVC sports flooring tailored to meet the diverse needs of sports facilities and venues worldwide.

As leading PVC sports flooring manufacturers and suppliers in China, we prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our products meet stringent quality standards and are backed by reliable customer support to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Choose Guardwe for premium PVC sports flooring solutions that elevate your indoor sports experience.

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