As technology becomes an ever-present facet of most peoples’ lives, the demand for it in other areas is growing. Sports equipment is not immune to this.

Consumers of the future not only expect integrated technology solutions but also sports equipment that seamlessly interacts with these products. Some of the major trends include personalization, constant connectivity, health and wellness optimization, and sustainability. Consumers want their devices to respond to their unique needs and adapt to their personal circumstances.

Further, future sports equipment will incorporate the “constant connectivity” other devices feature in order to give real-time feedback and actionable analytics to the end-user.

Such connectivity will be found in everything from goal gates to basketball hoops. This, in turn, will be useful in developing optimized health and wellness regimens that target each individual’s goals and needs.

While there is no shortage of data out there now as far as most people are concerned, with smartwatches providing a raft of information, it is the integration of that with sports equipment that will be the game-changer moving forward.